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Advice, coaching and services for Information Professionals

Always a professional at hand!
Online CIO advice, services and coaches ...
at any given moment!

Advice and services are

  • Performing Information Scans
  • Delivering:
    • information strategy plans
    • architectures
    • processes
    • checklists
    • formats
    • application landscapes
    • IT plans
    • project portfolios
    • etc…
  • coaching online on the job for Information Professionals

  • Online CIO offers advice and services for Chief Information Officers.

Professional Services

Online CIO offers documents, plans, architectures, checklists, formats, etc. tailormade to the organization at hand for Information Professionals. Read more >

Online Coaching

Online CIO offers online on demand coaching on the job for Information Professionals. Read More >

Information Scan

Online CIO offers the Information Scan; a quick view of organizational goals relative to information provision and IT.
Read more >